BFTA Calendar 2016

Welcome to the 2016 BFTA Calendar

Below are the list of the year's events. To find out more information click the event title.

For the BFTA Grand Prix series there is a booking-in system. Booking-in will go live approx 4 weeks before the event and close on the Friday before the event. Ahead of time the opening should be announced on the main page.

It is only the Grand Prix series which uses on-line booking. For other events the capacity figure is just an indication and is not updated.

You will need to be registered to use this facility. Your forum login will not work you must have or create an account to use this. Once this is done however the site will remember most of your details for future registrations.

If you do not see a registration button below the event it is either because it is not open for registration yet, or you have not registered or you have not logged in.

You will receive a confirmation email when you have registered.

Multiple bookings can be made by a single person.
Use the 'register group' button. You will be asked how many people you wish to book for, including yourself. The you will be asked for all your details, again including yourself. At the end you will be asked for your own details again so the system has a record of who made the booking.

If you wish to cancel please click on the event below and use the Cancel Registration button. This will send an email to the person handling booking-in for that event and also free up that place on the system. In the event that it's too close to the event to cancel, please use the contact email on the event itself or the Competition Manager or Webmaster by using the contacts here.

If an event is full and closed, spaces may be available by emailing the organiser on the email address provided on the event link below

Event Event date Location Capacity Registered Available place Register
BFTA British Championships 02-04-2016 9:00 am Tondu FTC Unlimited
BFTA Inter Regionals 03-04-2016 9:00 am Tondu FTC Unlimited
BFTA Grand Prix 1 CSFTA : Meon Valley 17-04-2016 9:00 am   165 0 165
BFTA Grand Prix 2 CSFTA : Bisley 15-05-2016 9:00 am Bisley FTO 165 0 165
BFTA Grand Prix 3 NWFTA: Tawd Vale 29-05-2016 9:00 am Tawd Vale 165 0 165
BFTA Grand Prix 4 WAFTA: Quarry 12-06-2016 9:00 am   165 0 165
BFTA Grand Prix 5 MFTA: Far Coley 03-07-2016 9:00 am Far Coley FTC 165 0 165
BFTA Grand Prix 6 SWEFTA: East Devon 17-07-2016 9:00 am East Devon FTC 165 0 165
BFTA Grand Prix 7 NEFTA: Anston 07-08-2016 9:00 am Anston FTC 165 0 165
BFTA Masters 03-09-2016 9:00 am Emley Moor Unlimited
BFTA Showdown 04-09-2016 9:00 am Emley Moor Unlimited
BFTA European Championship 17-09-2016 9:00 am   Unlimited

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