2014 Shoot Rules


Download this file (BFTA Championship Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Championship Rules[Championship Rules]348 kB
Download this file (BFTA Constructors Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Constructors Rules 2014[BFTA Constructors Rules 2014]346 kB
Download this file (BFTA Disciplinary Procedure 2014.pdf)BFTA Disciplinary Procedure 2014[BFTA Disciplinary Procedure 2014]368 kB
Download this file (BFTA Grand Prix Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Grand Prix Rules 2014[BFTA Grand Prix Rules 2014]535 kB
Download this file (BFTA Main Shoot Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Main Shoot Rules 2014[BFTA Main Shoot Rules 2014]603 kB
Download this file (BFTA Marshalling (Shotgun Start) Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Marshalling (Shotgun Start) Rules 2014[BFTA Marshalling (Shotgun Start) Rules 2014]389 kB
Download this file (BFTA Masters Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Masters Rules 2014[BFTA Masters Rules 2014]524 kB
Download this file (BFTA Modified Course Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Modified Course Rules 2014[BFTA Modified Course Rules 2014]353 kB
Download this file (BFTA Open Class Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Open Class Rules 2014[BFTA Open Class Rules 2014]501 kB
Download this file (BFTA Showdown Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Showdown Rules 2014[BFTA Showdown Rules 2014]539 kB
Download this file (BFTA Silhouette Rules 2014.pdf)BFTA Silhouette Rules 2014[BFTA Silhouette Rules 2014]526 kB
Download this file (Kneeling 1.jpg)BFTA Kneeling Rule Guidance Part 1[BFTA Kneeling Rule Guidance Part 1]2634 kB
Download this file (Kneeling 2.jpg)BFTA Kneeling Rule Guidance Part 2[BFTA Kneeling Rule Guidance Part 2]2759 kB

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