BFTA Grand Prix Series 2 2017: Tawd Vale

Booking in is now open for the second BFTA Grand Prix of the season at Tawd Vale.

Club: Tawd Vale
Location: Lathom
Postcode: L40 5UL
Sat Nav: 53.590325, -2.816759
AM Session 9.00AM
PM Session 12.30PM
Booking in ends 11am

We have kind permission from the Scouts for rifles to be carried uncovered from the car park to the shooting area. Rifles may be filled from the boot of the car but again please do not discharge the weapon on the car park.

Please use hazard lights after passing through the main gates, and no more than 5mph please

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Current Competitors (146/162 Booked)

First Name Last Name Class
Terry Balmforth PCP am
Andy Barnes PCP am
Sam Barr PCP am
Mark Bassett PCP am
Robbie Black PCP am
Mark Brameld PCP am
Clive Brookes PCP am
Mick Brown PCP am
Dean Burfoot PCP am
mark burrows PCP am
Yoeri Bussé PCP am
Alan Chambers PCP am
mick chapman PCP am
Steve Chubb PCP am
Craig Corbett PCP am
Adrian Cross PCP am
David Croucher PCP am
Nigel Curtis PCP am
Paul Dunwoody PCP am
Des Edwards PCP am
Daniel Eley PCP am
Gordon Eley PCP am
Bob Evans PCP am
Simon Evans PCP am
John Farbrother Piston am
Andras Fekete-Moro PCP am
Daz Ford PCP am
Simon Francis PCP am
Ammar Ghazi PCP am
Martin Gibbins PCP am
Andrew Gillott PCP am
James Griffiths PCP am
Martin Grocott PCP am
scott hamilton PCP am
Jack Harris PCP am
James Head PCP am
Julian Head Open am
Mark Henson PCP am
Simon Higgins PCP am
Darron Hillier PCP am
Matthew Hirst PCP am
Ian Jerram PCP am
Chris Keyworth PCP am
Brian Langford PCP am
chris leggate PCP am
Paul Mangham PCP am
john martin PCP am
steve mason PCP am
John Mayer PCP am
Barry Mccraw PCP am
Dave Mitchell PCP am
Bradley Nicholls PCP am
David Penman PCP am
Jo Phipps PCP am
Kevin powney PCP am
David Purcell PCP am
Andrew Purseglove PCP am
Mark Rodgers PCP am
Kevin Sayers PCP am
Dave Schofield PCP am
Paula Schofield PCP am
John Sears PCP am
Ian Shaw PCP am
Shaun Shore PCP am
Guy Sidey PCP am
russ spencer PCP am
Ian Stoddart PCP am
Tony Sultana PCP am
Sue Swift PCP am
Wayne Tantum PCP am
david tiffney PCP am
Mike Trowman PCP am
Dylan Varney PCP am
Josh Vaughan PCP am
Tony Waistnage PCP am
David Williams PCP am
Paul Yates PCP am
Tony Yerrell PCP am
First Name Last Name Class
martin allsop Open pm
Geoff Ames PCP pm
John Amos Piston pm
Gary Banham PCP pm
Bobby Banks PCP pm
Peter Bocking PCP pm
Mark Brewitt PCP pm
Ian Burton PCP pm
Andy Calpin PCP pm
Martin Calpin PCP pm
Helen Carragher PCP pm
Ian Challis Open pm
Jonathan Crocker PCP pm
Jason Davies PCP pm
Paul Davies PCP pm
Tony Elderfield PCP pm
Graham Fleeman PCP pm
Tony Fouracres Open pm
Ian Furness PCP pm
Paul Gallagher PCP pm
Red Gallagher PCP pm
Jeff Gill Piston pm
Keith Gilyard PCP pm
Phil Glover Open pm
John Gray PCP pm
Philip Green PCP pm
Steve Grimshaw PCP pm
Neil Hague PCP pm
Keith Hassall PCP pm
Geof Hawes PCP pm
Chris Hepworth Piston pm
Christopher Hill PCP pm
David Hill PCP pm
Gavin Hopps PCP pm
Ryan Huges PCP pm
Peter Jacob Piston pm
Philip James PCP pm
Chris Large PCP pm
Robert Long PCP pm
David Mills PCP pm
Andrew Monniez PCP pm
Paul monniez PCP pm
Nick Murphy Piston pm
Jonathan Noon PCP pm
Alan nortcliffe Piston pm
Bob O'Neill PCP pm
James Osborne PCP pm
Andy Pearson PCP pm
Karl Peters PCP pm
Ian Phillips PCP pm
Simon poulter PCP pm
Steve Privett Piston pm
Alan Reeve Open pm
Nathan Reeve PCP pm
David Robinson PCP pm
Trevor Ryan PCP pm
Brian Samson Piston pm
Richard Shepherd PCP pm
Andrew Slade PCP pm
Steve Stanford Open pm
Mark Stenton PCP pm
Ian Taylor PCP pm
Neil Thorneycroft Piston pm
Steven Wilson PCP pm
Justin Wood PCP pm
Neil Woodhead PCP pm