BFTA Grand Prix Series 5 2017: Iceni

Booking in will open soon for the Fifth BFTA Grand Prix of the season at Iceni.

Club: Iceni
Location: Colchester
Postcode: CO5 7NT
Sat Nav: N 51 50.452 E 0 54.558
Date: 2nd July 2017
AM Session 9.00AM
PM Session 12.30PM
Booking in ends 11:45 am

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Competitors (Booked 70 AM, 43 PM)

First Name Last Name Class
Martin Allsop PCP am
John Amos Piston am
Simon Ayers Open am
Gary Banham PCP am
Andy Barnes PCP am
Sam Barr PCP am
Mark Bassett PCP am
Dean Burfoot PCP am
Mark Burrows PCP am
Edwin Cable PCP am
Jason Cheeseman PCP am
John Chopping PCP am
Steve Chubb PCP am
Craig Corbett PCP am
Adrian Cross PCP am
David Croucher PCP am
Paul Davies PCP am
Colin Eaton PCP am
Peter T Edwards PCP am
Daniel Eley PCP am
Gordon Eley PCP am
David Elvin PCP am
Steve Essam PCP am
Simon Evans PCP am
John Farbrother Piston am
Rob Farnworth PCP am
Harry Farrow PCP am
Andrew Gillott PCP am
Jack Harris PCP am
Keith Hassall PCP am
James Head PCP am
Julian Head Open am
Mark Henson PCP am
Simon Higgins PCP am
Terry Holt PCP am
Josh Hurd PCP am
Ian Jerram PCP am
Graham Jopson PCP am
Gary Keogh PCP am
Chris Keyworth PCP am
Brian Langford PCP am
John Lloyd PCP am
Paul Mangham PCP am
Alison Mansfield Open am
Dave Mansfield Open am
john martin PCP am
Andy Mason PCP am
Leann Mason PCP am
Barry Mccraw PCP am
Barry McDonald PCP am
Alan Nortcliffe Piston am
richard osborne PCP am
simon poulter PCP am
David Purcell PCP am
Andrew Purseglove PCP am
Paul Ross PCP am
Kevin Sayer PCP am
Dave Schofield PCP am
Paula Schofield PCP am
Mike Seago PCP am
Richard Smith Piston am
Peter Stickings PCP am
Tony Sultana PCP am
Trevor Townsend PCP am
Dylan Varney PCP am
John Walker PCP am
Robert Walker PCP am
David Williams PCP am
Paul Yates PCP am
Tony Yerrell PCP am
First Name Last Name Class
Geoff Ames PCP pm
Andy Calpin PCP pm
Martin Calpin PCP pm
Helen Carragher PCP pm
Steve Carter PCP pm
Ian Challis Open pm
David Clark PCP pm
Des Edwards PCP pm
Bob Evans PCP pm
andrew finnigan PCP pm
Graham Fleeman PCP pm
Simon Francis PCP pm
Ian Furness PCP pm
Paul Gallagher PCP pm
Redvers Gallagher PCP pm
Keith Gilyard PCP pm
Phil Green PCP pm
James Griffiths PCP pm
Neil Hague PCP pm
Dave Hatfield PCP pm
Geoff Hawes PCP pm
Chris Hepworth Piston pm
Simon High PCP pm
Mark Lawrence PCP pm
Andrew Monniez PCP pm
Jonathan Noon PCP pm
James Osborne PCP pm
Andy Pearson PCP pm
Karl Peters PCP pm
Ian Phillips PCP pm
jo phipps PCP pm
Steve Privett Piston pm
Alan Reeve Open pm
Nathan Reeve PCP pm
David Robinson PCP pm
Trevor Ryan PCP pm
Brian Samson Piston pm
Mark Stenton PCP pm
ian stoddart PCP pm
Ian Taylor PCP pm
Barry Warren PCP pm
Justin Wood PCP pm