A brief history of the British Field Target Association

A brief history of the British Field Target Association

The BFTA was formed in the mid 1980’s, initially to standardise the rules of Field Target throughout Great Britain. Northern Ireland was not included as the firearms regulations were different from the mainland.

The founding members of the BFTA were six English Regions and the National bodies of Scotland and Wales. Later a seventh English Region was added, (Central Southern), formed by taking parts of the South West and South East as both of these Regions were geographically large causing long travelling distances.

The BFTA was, with the United States and Norway, one of the founding Members of the World Field Target Federation in the early 1990’s.

From its early beginnings as a ‘rule maker’, the BFTA gradually took over National Shoots, started and run by airgun magazines, when they found it increasingly time consuming and expensive to run themselves. These shoots were The Grand Prix Series, The Showdown and the British Masters. Since then the BFTA has added other National events such as the European Open, BFTA Championships and Regional Team Shoot to name but three.

The current voting Membership of the BFTA consists of:-

Scottish Air Rifle and Pistol Association (SARPA)
Welsh Airgun and Field Target Association (WAFTA)
Central Southern Field Target Association (CSFTA)
Fenland Field Target Association (FFTA)
Midland Field Target Association (MFTA)
North East Field Target Association (NEFTA)
North West Field Target Association (NWFTA)
South East Field Target Association (SEFTA)
South West Field Target Association (SWEFTA)