BFTA Grand Prix Series 5 2017: Iceni

Booking in will open soon for the Fifth BFTA Grand Prix of the season at Iceni. BOOKING IS NOT OPEN Club: Iceni Location: Colchester Postcode: CO5...

BFTA Grand Prix Series 4 2017: Bisley

The BFTA's 4th Grand Prix in the series of 8.

BFTA Grand Prix Series 3 2017: Blaenau Gwent

Get ready for a mega course on one of the most beautifully placed clubs on the circuit.

BFTA Grand Prix: 2 2017 By PoP

Pictures from a windy day at Tawd Vale by Pellet On Pellet.

BFTA Grand Prix Series 2017: Tawd Vale

Results from the BFTA GP2 at Tawd Vale.

BFTA Grand Prix Series Results 2017

All the results from the 2016 BFTA Grand Prix Series.

Inter-Regional Results 2007-2017

All the results from the Inter-Regionals from 2007 to 2017.

New Merchandise for 2017

A few new items just gone in the shop for you, check them out here The I Luv FT badge and New 2017 GP...

NEFTA Classic Day 2 2017 By PoP

Much harder day due to the wind, the kind of day that will break even the most seasoned Field Target shooter. Images by PoP.

NEFTA Classic Day 1 2017 By PoP

One of the hardest shoots on the circuit, here some pictures from PoP of Day 1.

Overseas Euros Shooters

Here's a list of overseas shooters that are booked in to take part in The BFTA Euros 2017.

GP Awards/Trophies

Because of the very low attendance at the end of GP events the decision has been taken that the awarding of positional badges across the...