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NEFTA Classic Day 1 2017 By PoP

One of the hardest shoots on the circuit, here some pictures from PoP of Day 1.

BFTA Grand Prix: 1 2017 By PoP

More pictures of the first Grand Prix of the season from Pellet On Pellet.

BFTA Grand Prix: 1 2017 By Rob

More brilliant pictures from Rob over at Shooting The Breeze, that massive lens certainly packs a sharp punch.

BFTA Champs and Inters 2017 by Rob

Some excellent pictures from Rob over at Shooting The Breeze.

BFTA Champs & Inters 2017 By PoP/Andy

Here's some picture from myself and Andy's range of the weekend at ETL.

Paul James British Recoiling Championship 2017

Every year the BFTA is proud to sponsor The Paul James British Recoiling Championship, this event takes place at Anston to remember Paul James...

Redfearns NEFTA W/L 11 2017

Here are a few pictures from the final Winter League in NEFTA.

Far Coley MFTA W/L 5 2016

Great day at Far Coley with some wicked wind to keep the going tough.

Harriers MFTA W/L 4 2016

A few pictures from the 4th MFTA W/L at Harriers, great course and cracking day out.

Anston NEFTA W/L 3 2016

Probably one of the most difficult grounds to shoot at, even harder when the wind is blowing like mad.