Opening An Account
Opening an account on The BFTA site is easy, Click on Account on the menu here:

And you will be taken to this page:

Click on Register bottom right to be taken to the following page:

Put in your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and select a Password you can remember easily. Ensure that all your details are correct. Now just click on the Register Button. Once you’ve registered you will be automatically logged in and presented with this screen:

If there are events to book you will see them presented here and you’ll also see Manage Your Log-In Details top right. This is where you change all your personal details and your password. If you click on Manage Your Log-In Details that you will be taken to this screen:

Here you can change all your log-in details and change your password, once you’ve made the changes just click on the Update Profile Button and your details will be saved. Then just click on the Your Account Button bottom left to return to your account page.

Lost or Forgotten Password
If you’ve lost or forgotten your password or your browser has been set to automatically save your password and you’ve entered it wrong then you need to click on the Lost Password on the Login Screen, it’s bottom left:

Once you click on that you’ll be presented with this screen:

Enter your account email address, ensure it’s correct and press the Restore Password Button. This will send an email to your account address. The email will look like this:

Clicking on the link and this will automatically log you back in, please note that this link will time out after 30 minutes and remember to check your Spam or Junk folder for it. If you can’t remember your password you need to select Manage Your Log-In Details from your account page:

Click on Manage Your Log-In Details for this screen:

Enter a new password and click on the Update Profile Button to save the changes.


Booking In FAQ
I’d like to change sessions or class, how do I do it?
A. Cancel your booking and start again.

Q. I’d like to book someone else in but I’m already booked in and can’t see how to add people, how do I do it?
A. Cancel your booking and start again.

Q. I’ve just sent you all the booking details, can you book these people in please?
A. We don’t book anyone in or change anyone’s bookings. Your request will be ignored.

Q. I’m trying to book in on a session but it’s not visible.
A. Sessions are only visible when there is actually space available, if a session has sold out it won’t be available to book.

Q. I’ve lost my password and requested a restore but I can’t find the email?
A. Check your Junk/Spam folder and ensure you’ve entered your email address correctly.

Q. My name appears in red or as a guest on the list published in STB, why?
A. You’ve entered the wrong BFTA number, check you are using the correct number here: Cancel your booking and start again entering the correct number.

Q. The list of names on Shooting The Breeze says there’s a space but I can’t seem to book the place or it’s not visible in the sessions, what’s going on?
A. The list on Shooting The Breeze runs on a time delay, the place has actually gone, check the list at the bottom of each event page.