Andy Calpin gives you a warm UK welcome to field target

First of all, thank you for making it to the Euros and taking part in this fantastic competition. You can look forward to a warm welcome and please try not to worry about too much, we will all take care of you. Please make sure you get to the grounds early.

Here are a few questions I keep getting asked:

1. What should I do when I get there?
Say hello to a few people and then go and book in. You won’t be allowed on the Plinking Range without your card. Please book in as soon as you can.

2. Where will I get my bag filled with beans?
Once you are booked in you’ll see a member of the BFTA staff giving out beans to fill your bag. If you are in the PM session please fill your bag later on and let the AM session people get their bags filled first.

3. When do I pay?
You pay when you book in, please have the correct money ready.

4. Where will I get an air fill?
There will be a waiting sign near plinking range, wait there and a member from the UK will come and collect you for an air fill.

5. How do I find out what session I’m shooting?
We’ll publish a list on this site here.

6. I’m getting over a few days early, can I practice at Weston Park.
You can’t practice at the Euros as we are only open to the public on Sat/Sun but you can practice at Millride. We recommend you contact them via their website