Here are all the winners from the first BFTA Grand Prix 1 at Redfearns. Please come and find me at Grand Prix 2 to collect your badges. Well done to all the winners.

AA Grade
1st Andy Calpin
2nd Mark Bassett
3rd Dan Eley

A Grade
1st Ian Shaw
2nd James Head
3rd Dylan Varney

B Grade
1st Keith Hassall
2nd Scott Hamilton
3rd Dave Robinson

C Grade
1st Simon Poulter
2nd Graham Fleeman
3rd Mike Seago

1st Brian Samson
2nd John Farbrother
3rd John Amos

1st Ian Challis
2nd Terry Lancaster
3rd Phil Glover

Silhouettes League 1
1st Neil Hague
2nd Jack Harris
3rd Justin Wood

Silhouettes League 2
1st David Robinson
2nd John Farbrother
3rd David Lawrenson