BFTA Masters @ Castle 2017

Booking in is now open for the 2017 BFTA Masters at Castle.

The BFTA Masters is a great event, 2 x 30 courses you shoot one after the other after a short break with a partner. There’s no limit to the amount of shooters taking part. It’s a feed on start from lane 1 competition and it’s open to all levels of shooter.

You can just turn up but we’d be grateful if you’d book in so we can see the numbers and start the background work. This will save our team a lot of work on the day and will free up time for them to practice and take part in the event.

Cost: £10
Club: Castle F.T.A.R.C
Location: Nottingham
Postcode: NG16 1HW
Sat Nav: 53.030921, -1.252922
Date: 2nd September 2017
Starts At 9.00AM
Booking in ends 11:45 am

Competitors (Booked 69 AM)

First Name Last Name Class
John Amos Piston am
Bobby Banks PCP am
Andy Barnes PCP am
Sam Barr PCP am
Mark Bassett PCP am
Dean Burfoot PCP am
Yoeri Bussé PCP am
Martin Calpin PCP am
Helen Carragher PCP am
Steve Carter PCP am
Mick Chapman PCP am
Steven Chubb PCP am
Stephen Cope PCP am
Jonathan Crocker PCP am
Adrian Cross PCP am
Dave Croucher PCP am
Nigel Curtis PCP am
Paul Davies PCP am
Dan Eley PCP am
Darren Elmer PCP am
David Elvin PCP am
Bob Evans PCP am
Simon Evans PCP am
John Farbrother Piston am
Rob Farnworth PCP am
Andrew Finnigan PCP am
Marc Fisher PCP am
Ian Furness PCP am
Andrew Gillott PCP am
John Gray PCP am
Phil Green PCP am
Steve Grimshaw PCP am
Neil Hague PCP am
Keith Hassall PCP am
Mark Henson PCP am
Simon Higgins PCP am
Darron Hillier PCP am
Ian Jerram PCP am
Graham Jopson PCP am
Gary Keogh PCP am
Brian Langford PCP am
Chris Large PCP am
Mark Lawrence PCP am
John Lloyd PCP am
Paul Mangham PCP am
Andy Pearson PCP am
David Penman PCP am
Ian Phillips PCP am
Steve Privett PCP am
Andrew Purseglove PCP am
Alan Reeve Open am
Nathan Reeve PCP am
Mark Rodgers PCP am
Trevor Ryan PCP am
Kevin Sayers PCP am
Dave Schofield PCP am
Paula Schofield PCP am
Andrew Shead PCP am
Natalie Shead PCP am
Richard Shepherd PCP am
Shaun Shore PCP am
Russ Spencer PCP am
Sue Swift PCP am
Wayne Tantum PCP am
Ian Taylor PCP am
Dylan Varney PCP am
Josh Vaughan PCP am
Paul Yates PCP am