New Merchandise for 2017

A few new items just gone in the shop for you, check them out here The I Luv FT badge and New 2017 GP...

NEFTA Classic Day 2 2017 By PoP

Much harder day due to the wind, the kind of day that will break even the most seasoned Field Target shooter. Images by PoP.

NEFTA Classic Day 1 2017 By PoP

One of the hardest shoots on the circuit, here some pictures from PoP of Day 1.

Overseas Euros Shooters

Here's a list of overseas shooters that are booked in to take part in The BFTA Euros 2017.

GP Awards/Trophies

Because of the very low attendance at the end of GP events the decision has been taken that the awarding of positional badges across the...

Change Of Venue For GP4

Due to circumstances beyond our control GP4 has now moved from Meon Valley to Bisley with immediate effect.

BFTA Grand Prix: 1 2017 By PoP

More pictures of the first Grand Prix of the season from Pellet On Pellet.

BFTA Grand Prix: 1 2017 By Rob

More brilliant pictures from Rob over at Shooting The Breeze, that massive lens certainly packs a sharp punch.

BFTA Grand Prix Series 2017: Avon Hawks

Mobile friendly scores from the first GP

Overseas Euros Invitation Letter

For our overseas shooters, you'll find a map and invitation letter for the Euros 2017 to download on this page, please print them out...

BFTA End of Season Raffle

Automatic entry into the raffle requires shooters to have entered 5 of the 8 rounds of the GP series. Shooters that have entered 4...

Grades for Summer Season 2017

Here are the grades for the Summer Season 2017.