Andy Calpin gives you a warm UK welcome to field target

FAQ For Overseas Euro Visitors

First of all, thank you for making it to the Euros and taking part in this fantastic competition. You can look forward to a...
Gilly celebrating another miss by Simon Evans

BFTA Grand Prix: 8 2017 By PoP

Pictures from the final BFTA Grand Prix from PoP.

BFTA Grand Prix: 7 2017 By PoP

Photo's from the 7th Grand Prix at Sywell by PoP.

BFTA Grand Prix Series Results 2017

All the results from the 2017 BFTA Grand Prix Series.

BFTA Masters @ Castle 2017

Booking in is now open for the 2017 BFTA Masters at Castle. The BFTA Masters is a great event, 2 x 30 courses you shoot...

BFTA GP7 Sywell 2017

Here's the mobile friendly version of the results from GP7 from Sywell.

Euros Tickets and Passes

All tickets and passes to overseas visitors for the Euros have now been sent out with UK ones to follow, you will also be...

BFTA Grand Prix: 6 2017 By PoP

Few pictures from a brilliant day at Castle, thanks to PoP for the pictures.
Neil Hague winning the Castle GP. Picture By

Results BFTA Grand Prix Series 2017 : Castle

A mobile friendly version of the results from Castle.

BFTA Grand Prix Series 8 2017: Emley Moor

The final GP in what's been an excellent series.

BFTA Grand Prix: 5 2017 By PoP

A selection of pictures from the BFTA GP5 @Iceni by PoP

BFTA Grand Prix Series 2017 : Iceni

Mobile friendly results from Iceni.