Showdown Qualifiers 2018

All the qualifiers for the Showdown 2018.

Grand Prix Silhouettes 2018

Here are the brand new silhouettes leagues for 2018. Get involved and see if you can claim a gold award.

The BFTA Grand Prix Series 2018: Rolling Results

All the rolling results from the BFTA Grand Prix Series 2018.

BFTA Grand Prix Series 2018: Teams

Results for all the teams for the 2018 BFTA Grand Prix Series. League tables and individual team members scores.

Alan Reeve R.I.P

It’s with great sadness that I announce that Alan Reeve has lost his battle with his illness and passed away. Alan will be known to...

The BFTA Grand Prix 5 Series 2018: Bisley

A long drive but always worth the effort. A long course with a load of that on/off wind, thanks for that. PoP did the...

The BFTA Grand Prix 4 Series 2018: Nelson

Cracking day in the sun, deep inside Wales, what can possibly go wrong? A fair bit actually!!!

BFTA Grand Prix 7: Anston 2018 Winners

Here are all the winners from the BFTA Grand Prix 7 at Anston. Please come and find me at Grand Prix 8 to collect your badges, car park at lunch, not while I’m shooting please. Well done to all the winners.

BFTA Grand Prix 8: Far Coley 2018

The final round of the BFTA Grand Prix 2018.

The BFTA Grand Prix Series 2018: Anston

All the results for GP7 from very hot and tricky Anston.

The BFTA Grand Prix 3 Series 2018: Rivington

One hell of a windy day up at Rivington, here are some pictures from PoP.

BFTA Grand Prix 7: Anston 2018

Bring your best Field Target game, always a testing course at Anston.